Business Flow

The main focus is to add value and usability to the token.
You already know the Zeemcoin App, the Solutions & Stakeholders from the previous sections, now it's time see how they interact with Zeemcoin Business:
EV Drivers use Zeemcoin APP to find and review European CPOs chargers, we can show their chargers in our APP because we use roaming platforms and direct integrations with the main players.
Data generated by EV Drivers goes to Zeemcoin Quality Big Data Module where it is processed and sold via APIs, instant notifications, interactive dashboards, monthly reports or ad hoc reports to Zeemcoin, that is the main business at short term.
EV Drivers receive Zeemcoin Tokens in reward for their actions at their Reward Center.

Zeemcoin token has many usabilities:

Soon it will be possible to Pay for Energy when charging your car
Pay and get Deals: - Rent a Tesla with Future Drive - Test Drives electric Vehicles: Tesla, Velca, ... and more to come - Get charging station for your house with Ionclick with 10% Discount - Get a Blockchain Course with Tutellus and get a 12% Discount - Pay for a 100% electric motorbike and get 10% OFF with VELCA Much more to come, stay tuned!! ;-)
Plant trees at Zeemcoin Valley, earn NFTs and access Sustainability Programs were you will be able to generate Carbon Credits.
DeFi at Zeemcoin dAPP
The Flow
Borja Moreno Zeemcoin CEO & Jorge Vialade Head of Growth at Velca (Tutellus Day 2022 Zaragoza BDZ)