Legal Notice

This document, hereinafter White Paper, has been prepared to present the ZeemCoin project to potential participants and those interested in contributing to its development. The information presented below may not be exhaustive. Nor does it imply any contractual relationship. Its sole purpose is provide ZeemCoin information. No part of this White Paper shall be considered a prospectus or solicitation of partnership, or in any way be associated with an offer to purchase securities in any jurisdiction. The document in question was not drafted in accordance with, or subject to, any law or regulation of any jurisdiction intended to protect stakeholders. Certain statements, estimates and financial information contained in the White Paper constitute forward-looking statements. Such statements or information prospective involve risks and uncertainties that may cause events or actual results differ materially from estimates or results implied or expressed in such statements. The White Paper is the main and only source of information official information related to the ZeemCoin project and its issuance of ZeemCoin. Information contained in this document may be translated into other languages โ€‹โ€‹or used to establish verbal or written channels of communication with potential partners or members of the project. As a result of the translation, some of the information contained in this document can be omitted, corrupted or misrepresented.

ZeemCoin reserves the right to make changes to the White Paper. In case of differences between the versions of the document, the latest version of the White Paper published on, and all versions published above will be considered invalid in all their iterations and representations. The information contained in this White Paper and in is of a merely descriptive, non-binding and does not form part of the terms and conditions for the generation of ZeemCoin. In particular, the The interested party should be aware that the purchase of ZeemCoin may imply high risks.

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