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Become the Owner of eMobility digital assets
  • Become the Owner of digital electric vehicle Charging Stations at ZeemCoin dApp and generate passive income.
  • The objective is to guess which Sites will become the most used to charge electric vehicles in the coming years. Remember, better locations will provide better incomes!
  • Sites: One Site can have different Charging Stations, what will be acquired at ZeemPoly will be Sites. For example an Ionity/Repsol Site can have 8 Charging Stations.
  • Auctions: Acquire as many Sites as you can, Sites are unique and will be available from time to time. You will have the opportunity to buy them participating at ZeemPoly auctions using your ZeemCoins.
  • Rewards: Every time a Charging Station from a Site is used at ZeemGO App to charge an electric vehicle, the Owner will be rewarded with ZeemCoins from a % of the total amount charged by the driver.
  • Trading: Sites can be sold at any time and paid with ZeemCoins, price decision is up to the Owner. They will be available in a Trading Area at ZeemCoin dApp.
  • Improve Site data: The Owner will take care of having the information about his Sites up to date so visitors will have more accurate data to decide if going there to charge the electric vehicle.
  • Generate extra marketing income: The Owner will have the ability to propose deals geolocated from his Site, this deals will be a source of income for ZeemGO App and could be, for example, an advertising on a supermarket or a discount on a restaurant. A % of this income will be paid to the Owner.
  • Levels: Staking and farming amount will generate a player level and, depending on the level, players will have special preferences at auctions.
  • Mortgage: If a player wants ZeemCoins at any time, he can ask for a loan and keep the property of the Site. Until the loan is paid, the Owner will not generate ZeemCoin rewards.
  • Trading 24H: An offer to buy any Site can be done at any time, even to a Site with a mortgage.
ZeemPoly is focused on implementing a deflationary model by burning ZeemCoins. Burning tokens involves removing a certain amount of tokens from circulation permanently. The higher the activity on the platform, the more tokens are burned. This strategy seeks to reduce the total supply of tokens in circulation, which can increase their value over time by creating scarcity and following the law of supply and demand.
A deflationary model has significant advantages. In addition to fostering price stability by reducing supply and limiting inflation, it can also increase the purchasing power of token holders as their value increases due to scarcity. This creates an incentive to hold and acquire more tokens, which can increase engagement and participation on the platform.
  • Buys: Every time a Site is sold, 50% of ZeemCoins are burned.
  • Trade: Every time a trade is made, 2% of ZeemCoins are burned.
  • Marketing income: From every marketing income made by Sites, 10% amount will be bought from the Pool and burned.
  • The information presented in this document is for informational purposes only, is still under development and subject to change.
  • The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. ZeemGO does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.