Concepts & Stakeholders

Lets review some Concepts & Stakeholders to understand the ZeemGO Ecosystem

CPO “Charging Point Operator”

  • Manages chargers and drivers and sells energy
  • Their customer experience suffer when the drivers use at their app the charger of another CPO and it is not working. This happen when a charger is from another CPO, they loose the control.
  • Real time data improves their customer experience
  • Connects the stations with ZeemGO App using OCPI Technology

eMSP Electric Vehicle Mobility Service Provider

  • Manages drivers and sells energy
  • Sells services
  • Sells chargers, charging cables, …

CPO Partner

  • Buys Data from ZeemGO
  • Uses ZeemGO Module integrated in their App
  • Users provide feedback and win ZeemGO in their App

Data Customer

  • Buys Data from ZeemGO
  • Data adds value to their services or user experience
  • Can be CPOs, Google, EV Solutions Providers, OEMs, Insurance, …

OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface)