We have a plan!
ZeemGO Roadmap End 2023 - Beginning 2024

Road Map details


Website and white paper upgrade
We will work on updating all the information in our white paper, in order to better convey the essence of the project and all that is planned for it.
Easy Wallet implementation App/dApp
This implementation will help make the user experience easier, especially for users who have no knowledge of Blockchain.
Referral tool
We will add a special code to our app so you can share it with the people you want.
Facilitating the ZeemCoins purchase from our mobile app. With this code both parties earn benefits.


New inApp registration process
You will be able to register directly with your Google account.
Charge your car from our app
We will be starting with the most awaited, being able to charge your car from the ZeemGO application.
A project focused on our crypto users, where they will be able to acquire different chargers from the market and earn a percentage every time someone uses it.


App improvements
One year after the launch of the application, we will improve the whole user experience by updating it, always looking to add more functionality and value.
ZeemBI Launch
We will have a business intelligence platform where we will collect relevant data to improve the charging system in Europe.