Mobile App

Let's review the Mobile APP
In Zeemcoin App you will find and review the quality and the services around European EV Chargers. The App offers the ultimate technology connected with all the chargers around Europe using OCPI, Open Charge Point Interface. Zeemcoin App will be available on IOS & Android (See details in our roadmap section)
Zeemcoin mobile APP includes the following modules and solutions:
  • Reward Center: The Reward Center is where drivers receive $ZEEM tokens and can buy products and services related to the eMobility industry and other sustainable options.
  • Quality Big Data Module: Our Quality Big Data Module system uses gamification to generate Big Data from electric vehicle drivers who provide feedback about the charging stations and the services around them. These Big Data Reports will improve EV Infrastructure across Europe. This information is used by CPOs (Charge Point Operators) and other players to improve their customer experience.
  • Sustainable Module: You will be able to offset you carbon footprint, plant trees, create NFTs and much more ;-)
  • EV Driver Shop: Is where Drivers can spend the Zeemcoins and buy Chargers, Accessories, Discounts, Promotions, Events, Entertainment, ...
  • Road Trip Planner: Will intelligently propose the best available route for a trip, taking into account all the refined information of the charging infrastructure, as the drivers will report incidents of the chargers that the system will take it into account (similar to Waze with accidents or traffic jams).
  • Advertising Module: As we know where drivers will stop and for how much time, we will provide them with adds during the trip. The driver will receive rewards in $ZEEM tokens for the impacts as Brave/VAT Model.