What is Zeemcoin

Zeemcoin is the first tokenized platform on the eMobility sector

What is Zeemcoin?

Zeemcoin is the first tokenized platform in the e-Mobility sector that, through its mobile app and its community of electric car drivers, collects data on the public charging experience, such as the quality of chargers and the services offered around the European fast charger network.

This information helps improve the user's experience when recharging their car on public roads and consequently drives the adoption of the electric vehicle, gradually moving us closer to a future with emission-free transportation.
Zeemcoin uses Blockchain technology based on smart contracts, providing security, transparency and efficiency in your transactions.
The EV drivers community will contribute to generate Big Data using a Gamification Module integrated into the Zeemcoin App and will get rewards in form of $ZEEM tokens.
Become the industry data provider
This data is of vital importance for the different companies that offer services related to the public charging of electric vehicles, since by incorporating the data generated by Zeemcoin in real time into their platforms through APIs, they will improve their customer experience.

Become the standard for EV charging payment

$ZEEM token will become the standard for EV charging payment in Europe and drivers will benefit from this massive adoption. Industry players will adopt this digital payment to help in this race to a zero emission future.
Here you can watch this video with an explanation about what is Zeemcoin
Zeemcoin intro video
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